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Capital: Beijing

Currency: Yuan

Language: Mandarin

Time Zone: GMT +8




China is a huge country located in Eastern Asia with endless travel opportunities for every age groups of visitors. During spring and autumn, it is the best time to visit China. Citizens of Singapore, Brunei and Japan can visit China without a visa. Major airlines fly to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong airports. China can also be entered by train from many of its neighbouring countries and even from Europe. For travelling inside China, the best ways are to board the domestic flights or take one of the public city buses or long distance buses.

It is a very diverse place to vist with your family and friends as one gets to witness a large variations in culture, language, customs and economic levels.  Seriously, you need to have some free months and unlimited patience, to follow deeply the vast culture and tradition of the Chinese community. Anyone will love to follow the Silk Road, travel down the Yangzi River or explore the beautiful and vast Dr Seuss landscape of Guangxi Province. China is a land of cultural and geographic diversities. The metropolises have large shopping malls that has made the country a favorite one for shoppers. With the world's largest population, the civilization of China is one of the oldest in the world, consisting of states and cultures whose roots can be traced back to more than six millennia.

The Great Wall of China is the most popular tourist attraction for all age group. There is also the  Forbidden City in Beijing that attracts visitors. Other popular tourist spots are Dazu Rock Carvings, Grand Canal of China, Jiuzhaigou Valley, Mount Emei, Pingyao, the Summer Palace, Suzhou, the Temple of Heaven, Three Gorges and West Lake. Food is one more thing that plays an important role in China's tourism. Of all the cuisines from across the globe, it is only the Chinese Cuisine where the preparation and appreciation of food has been developed to the highest level. Chinese people take cooking as an art but not as a craft. Each regional Chinese food has its own uniqueness due to the use of special herbs and spices. While visiting China, try to taste a bit of everything.

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