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Capital: New Delhi

Currency: Indian Rupee

Language: Hindi

Time Zone: GMT+ 5.5




A country that will whirl your mind, dazzle your eyes and make you fall in love with its extreme beauty is none other than India. The large size, religious and cultural diversity and clamor of historical architectures make the country the most looked for destination for adventurous tourists. With sensual geographical sceneries and convoluted cosmologies the country proves to be the most mystical and rewarding dramas unfolding on earth. The geographical positioning of the country that forms a major part of the Indian subcontinent and bordered by the Indian Ocean at the southern end will sideswipe you. With these distinct features the country will definitely win your attention and you will develop an abiding passion for it.

India is an unpredictable country that acts as a litmus test for the adventurous travelers, who either return back to their home country happily or plan to settle down in the country forever. The weather of the country varies from north to south but is friendly enough to welcome the tourists at any time of the year, while the most pleasant time to visit the country is during the winters. Getting to the country is quite convenient as it has many international airports in the major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. These airports serve the country by handling major international airlines that fly in from various countries. There are many domestic airports serving the country to make traveling within the country convenient. Also to go around the country there is an Indian Railways system and a wide network of buses too. For local transportation there are buses, taxis, three-wheeled autos, cycle rickshaws and tongas (horse drawn vehicle).

The country is home to the Indus Valley civilization, historic trade routes and vast empires that are why it is identified for its commercial and cultural wealth since ages. The country comprises of four major religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism and each of them had originated here. Though there was the invasion of a few more religions like Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity. With all these ethnicities and cultures, the country's diverse nature was formed. Also the country is known for its beautiful art and craftwork while the old and traditional architecture attracts innumerable travelers.

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