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Osaka Tour Guide

Travel options: Subway, rail, taxis etc

Flights: China Eastern Airlines, Korean Airlines, Japan Airlines

Best time to visit: March - May

Best Hotels: Imperial Hotel, The Westin and the Ritz-Carlton

Osaka Overview

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There are so many things about this city, that it truly is hard to start. First, it is home to culture, castles and great local delicacies like Okonomiyaki, Kushiage, Battera and Takoyaki. The nightlife can only be competed by Tokyo's. Not actually Japan's architectural or  aesthetic capital but it is a bustling metropolis like no other and the people here really know how to live the good life. 

1. Points of Interest 
  • Kaiyukan ( City Aquarium)
  • Museum of History
  • Osaka-jō (Castle)
  • Shitennōji
  • Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine
  • Umeda Sky Building
2. Geography and climate 
In summer, the temperature of this Japanese city heats up to 36.4°C to 36.2°C whereas in winter it drops to -2.2°C to 0.2°C. Spread over 222.11 km² (85.8 sq mi), the city stands on the mouth of the Yodo river.
3. Districts 
Not districts but the city is divided into 24 wards. These are Abeno-ku, Asahi-ku, Chūō-ku, Fukushima-ku, Higashinari-ku, Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Hirano-ku, Ikuno-ku, Joto-ku, Kita-ku, Konohana-ku, Minato-ku, Miyakojima-ku, Naniwa-ku, Nishi-ku, Nishinari-ku, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Suminoe-ku, Sumiyoshi-ku, Taisho-ku, Tennoji-ku, Tsurumi-ku and Yodogawa-ku.
4. Air Travel 
The main airport, Kansai International Airport lies in an artificial bay and is manged by the Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd. The second airport, Osaka International Airport is the region's principal domestic airport and is served by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
5. Society and culture 
Besides the Japanese locals, there are groups of Koreans (largest group of foreigners) and Chinese. of the people from Korea, the most are the Zainichi Korean who reside in the town of Tsuruhashi. The main language here is Osaka-ben.

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