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Terms and Conditions

  • Anyone booking tickets should be 18+ with legal capacity.
  • At First Class Airline Travel, our professionals search high and low to confirm that all the information on our site about prices and related articles are 100% accurate and valid.
  • Rates of first class and business class airline tickets as shown in First Class Air Travel are subject to change. We do our best to update the difference and inform our users as soon as possible. Anyway, we request that, you confirm prices and deals while booking your ticket.
  • Each airline has it's own separate and characteristic ticketing conditions. We are not responsible if any kind of disregard or dereliction to any airline company's rules occur. First Class Airline Travel recommends that you read all the details of the flight and speak to the airline before the day of the flight, in case of any problem.
  • Before you book tickets, if tickets and packages are already sold out then we are nor accountable or liable for it.  First Class Airline Travel strongly suggests that you clinch the booking so that your contract is binding.
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