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Brighton Tour Guide

Travel options: Coach, rail, buses, taxis, etc

Flights: British Airways, American Airlines, Air Canada

Best time to visit: May - September

Best Hotels: Griffin Guest House, Hotel Du Vin and Bistro and The De Vere Grand

Brighton Overview

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Music lovers, art connoisseurs, gay pride there are so many facets to this sleepy little coastal city that it truly becomes harder to leave the city. Now, a trip to this sea resort town is more exciting with our discount tickets for first class airfare and business class airline seats. We offer discounted rates for executive air travel with some of the best airlines, and no it is not the same as economy class cheap tickets. With us, its first class air travel all the way. To know more about our special rates to Brighton, request a quote.


As one of the most resort towns in England, the city boasts many fun activities that attracts families, singles, youngsters, senior citizens etc. More than anything else, this bright and colourful city is England's gay capital. If there is another characteristic of this city that makes it attract hordes of people is the music scene here. Never a dull moment, with so many festivals (music, arts, gay pride etc). If you are not up for too many activities, spend a relaxing day at the Glyndebourne Opera House, a truly stunning end to a trip to Brighton.  

1. Points of Interest 
  • Fabrica
  • The Lanes
  • Saint Nicholas' Church
  • Saint Paul's Church
  • Stanmer House
  • The Royal Pavilion
2. Geography and climate 
The city is located just south to London, slap bang on England's southern coast. In summer, the climate in this coastal city reaches to 20°C plus (plus°F) and in winter it drops to less than 10°C (less than 50°F).
3. Air Travel 
The city does not have its own airport yet, so people flying in and out of this city mostly use the nearest one, Gatwick Airport. Gatwick airport is served by the BAA and stands on an elevation of 202 ft / 62 m. This is a focus city for British Airways, and also other airlines like easyJet and Virgin Atlantic.
4. Society and culture 
Home to many ethnic diversities and people of varied origins, the city is famed for being home to MOSAIC, an organisation that has Blacks, Asians, and other people from different minority ethnic groups and mixed parentage.

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