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Oxford Tour Guide

Travel options: Buses, train, ferry etc

Flights: Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Northwest Airlines

Best time to visit: July - September

Best Hotels: Le Manoir Aux Quat Saisons, The Old Bank Hotel & Old Parsonage Hotel

Oxford Overview

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Matthew Arnold, lovingly named this place, the "city of dreaming spires." No other area in the entire world has a name that resonates with high seat of learning as does Oxford. No other university is as significant and no other region for education is as important. Thats not all, did you know that this city is also where the MINI Cooper is manufactured? The streets exude elegance, old-world charm and the remnants of a glorious past while it also represents a bright future.  

1. Points of Interest 
  • La Croisette
  • the city on high (Haute ville),
  • the Palace of festivals
  • Rue Meynadier
  • the old port
2. Geography and climate 
It is located in the government district in Oxfordshire, England. Its is a very beautiful city with equally stunning natural bounty as the architecture.
3. Districts 
Though it is an urban district in itself, it is further divided into four civil parishes. These are:  Blackbird Leys, Littlemore, Old Marston & Risinghurst and Sandhills. Speaking of which all besides Blckbird Leys were included within city limits not too long ago.
4. Air Travel 
The city is served by the Oxford Airport popularly known as the Oxford (Kidlington) Airport which is located in Kidlington. Another airport is the Chalgrove Airfield which is located 14.8 km southeast of the city. This is no more in use.
5. Society and culture 
Though its mostly a crusty, Aristocratic society. There is a big multi-diverse culture here as there are students here from all over the world. There are always events happening in the city that make the area and the people some of the most cultured, lively and exciting.

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