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Capital: Washington, D.C.

Currency: United States dollar

Language: English

Time Zone: UTC -5 to -10




One of the hottest holiday destinations is the United States of America that comprises of fifty big and small states along with a federal district. The country covers most of the western hemisphere, as it stretches from the Pacific Ocean on the west to the Atlantic Ocean on the east.  The Gulf of Mexico is situated to the southeast direction of the country and it is bordered by Canada on the north and Mexico on the south. Due to its large size and a variety of geographic features, one gets to enjoy almost every type of climatic condition. While the climate is temperate in most areas, it is tropical in Hawaii and southern Florida with polar climate in Alaska and semiarid in the Great Plains.

No matter, where you stay you can think of traveling to the USA as it is connected with the whole of the world by Air. Most of the big airlines have direct flights to major cities of the country, such as New York, Cambridge, Boston, Washington and others. Moreover, traveling inside the country is even easier as it has one of the best transportation systems in the whole world. The American’s celebrate their heritage in a very unique manner and use their historic assets for economic development and community revitalization. America is a culturally diverse nation as it is home to a number of ethnic groups, traditions and values. This is the reason why their mixed culture is referred to as "mainstream American culture."

There are innumerable historic destinations that one can visit and will surely love to come again. The number of such places is virtually endless! The huge variety of places is significant to America's history, architecture, archeology, engineering and most importantly culture. In short, it will not be wrong to say that it is a happening country that takes care of the needs and expectations of different sections of people. If you are an art lover, you can visit the museums and suppose you prefer something more adventurous you can go to the wild life sanctuaries and national parks. So plan a trip to the USA and you will get to know a country and its culture and custom that are simply different from the rest of the world. 

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