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Cambridge Tour Guide

Travel options: Bus, Rail and Cycle

Flights: British Airways, Lufthansa, American Airlines

Best time to visit: September - November

Best Hotels: Huntingdon Marriott Hotel, Hotel Felix and The Cambridge Belfry

Cambridge Overview

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Known for its world class University, Cambridge is both ancient town with a bustling modern life. It is also called Silicon Fen, due to the growth of technology businesses and many tech incubators that have sprung up in the series of science parks and other developments in and around the city. Its nightlife has a youthful charm and vibrance, alluring many to just go on and on, of course, partying.

1. Points of Interest 
  • Cambridge & County Folk Museum
  • Zoology Museum
  • Cambridge University Library
  • Kettle's Yard
  • Trinity Street
  • Cambridge Midsummer Fair
2. Geography and climate 
Located on the River Cam, The city of Cambridge is a county of Cambridgeshire.  Its climate is typically English with sunny and warm summers while the winters are cold and rainy.
3. Districts 
Some of the popular towns around the  city are Aberdeen, Abingdon, Barrhead, Bedford, Buckingham and Bath.
4. Air Travel 
The Cambridge Airport is located near the village of Teversham, which is about 1.5 miles from Cambridge City Centre. It is also called Cambridge City Airport.
5. Society and culture 
Though it is a small city, Cambridge has a relatively diverse population with people of different ethnicity. This is mainly due to people from other countries coming to study at the Universities. The Asians and Turks largely dominant. The Cambridge Midsummer Fair, Cambridge Midsummer Fair, Strawberry Fair and Cambridge Beer Festival are some its relishable events and are a must for the visitors.

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