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Minneapolis-St Paul

Minneapolis-St Paul Tour Guide

Travel options: Light-rail, Taxi and Bicycle

Flights: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines

Best time to visit: September - October

Best Hotels: Light-rail, Taxi and Nicollet Island Inn, Mystic Lake Casino Hotel and Treasure Island Resort & Casino

Minneapolis-St Paul Overview

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Minneapolis-St. Paul 

Widely known as Twin cities, Minneapolis-St. Paul are located around Mississippi, Minnesota and St. Croix rivers. They are the most populous urban areas in the state of Minnesota. Its many churches and Synagogues reflect its predominately Christian and Jewish population. 

1. Points of Interest: 
  • Hennepin History Museum
  • American Swedish Institute
  • The Bakken Museum
  • Cheap Minneapolis Escorts
  • Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
  • Alexander Ramsey House
  • Como Town Amusement Park
2. Geography and climate 
The region is located on the northern latitude, it experiences the coldest climate of any major metropolitan area in the United States. Also, its summers tend to be extremely hot.
3. Districts 
There are 188 municipalities in the seven-county region alone, and there are 334 in the eleven-county region.
4. Air Travel 
The Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport serves the city. It is located in Fort Snelling in Hennepin County.
5. Society and culture 
The Twin cities mainly comprise Christians and Jews. The cities offer a great musical  exposure.  Andrews Sisters, Hibbing, Bob Dylan and even punk rockers like Hüsker Dü, Soul Asylum, the Replacements are just a few of its famous musicians.

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