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Nashville Tour Guide

Travel options: Music city star, buses, taxis, rail etc

Flights: American Airlines, Delta Airlines,

Best time to visit: May - September

Best Hotels: The Hermitage Hotel, Gaylord Opryland and Hilton Downtown

Nashville Overview

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Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams have all lived here. If you are a true music lover, no matter where you are a trip to pay homage to all the greats is a must. For which we offer discount tickets for first class air travel.

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Country music capital of the world is also the South's most famous tourist destination. For true country musicians and aficionados, a trip to this city is the real tribute. And why not? Many people might not know but beneath all the fuss over country music, here lies a city that is home to leading names in publishing, health care and transportation companies and services. If you get tired of country music, there also are great samples of Jazz and Christian pop.  


1. Points of Interest 
  • Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum
  • Frist Center for the Visual Arts
  • Ryman Auditorium
  • Tennessee State Museum
  • Nashville Escorts GFEs
  • The Parthenon
  • Wildlife Park & Zoo
2. Geography and climate 
With a total area that includes 526.1 sq mi (1,362.5 km²), Tennessee's capital city experiences a climate that is both humid continental and humid subtropical. In summer, Mercury levels in Tennessee's capital ranges from 106°C (41°F) to 107°C (42°F), while in winter it drops to anywhere from -17°C (-27°F) to -13°C (-25°F).
3. Districts 
Mainly, the city is divided into four districts and these are Downtown District, East District, Opryland District and West End District. These are further divided into many neighbourhoods such as the East District which comprises of popular areas like Bailey-Cora Howe, Boscobel Heights, Edgefield, East End, Eastwood and Lockeland Springs.
4. Air Travel 
Served by the Nashville International Airport, it stands on a height of 99 ft / 183 m. The airport is one of the focus cities for Southwest Airlines. Additionally it also houses the 118th Airlift Wing of the Tennessee Air National Guard.
5. Society and culture 
Whites constitute about 67% of the population in the city, Asians form about 2.33% of the population, Blacks constitute 25.82% of the people here, Hispanics form about 4.5%, Native Americans form a diminutive group of only 0.29%, Pacific Islanders are a little more than 2% and the rest are mixed or from other races.

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