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New Orleans

New Orleans Tour Guide

Travel options: Streetcars, buses, light rail, taxis, etc.

Flights: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines

Best time to visit: February - April

Best Hotels: Le Pavillion, De La Monnaie and Windsor Court

New Orleans Overview

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The enigma of Voodoo, the bite of Creole cuisine and the mad riots of this city in Louisiana made it one of the biggest tourist destinations in the nation. Visiting this city for what remains and what will be is a must do and we make it easier with our special discount tickets on business class & first class airfare.Spend a little more and avoid an uncomfortable ride with a cheap ticket. As we offer competitive rates with major airlines, why not travel to New Orleans in first class air travel. To know more about our special fares to this city and many others, request a quote.
New Orleans:
Nicknamed 'The City That Care Forgot,' not many cities in the nation have streets, festivals, floats, alternative practices, ethnic diversities as popular as does New Orleans. Ever since Katrina struck, the city has changed yet with a motto like, laissez les bons temps rouler (let the good times roll) people will soon be back to hit the streets and party to life's fullest.

1. Points of Interest 
2. Geography and climate 
Standing on the Mississippi river, the region covers a total area of 907 km² (350.2 mi²). New Orleans undergoes a humid subtropical climate where summer weather ranges from 89 °F (32 °C) to 91 °F (33 °C) while in winter, the city's lowest ever was 11 °F (-11.7 °C).
3. Districts 
The city is divided into 17 wards, which broadly fall under Uptown Wards, Downtown Wards and West Bank Wards. The city is famous for some its streets such as  Basin Street, Bourbon Street, Canal Street, Carrollton Avenue, Rampart Street, Royal Street, St. Charles Avenue and Tchoupitoulas Street.
4. Air Travel 
The city's air passengers are served by the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (erstwhile Moisant Field). In the nation, this airport has very high safety records. Before this, the city was served by the Lakefront Airport (located in the Metropolitan area). The current airport is named after Jazz legend Louis Armstrong.
5. Society and culture 
A majority of the people here practice the Roman Catholic faith. This is the rare Southern city which has a formidable Jewish population. There is a strong number of people who practice Voodoo, this is traced mostly to the city's Caribbean immigrants.

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