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New York

New York Tour Guide

Travel options: Yellow cab, subway or a bus

Flights: American Airlines, Delta Airlines,

Best time to visit: March - June

Best Hotels: The Plaza, Mandarin Oriental and New York Palace Hotel

New York Overview

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New York

High-end Fashion? Check. Multi-diverse culture? Check. Great food? Check. Financial epicenter? Check. Unstoppable nightlife? Check. Without a doubt, New York is the financial, cultural, transportation, and multi-farious capital of the world. Is this an exaggeration? I think not. One small visit here and you will know why the people of this city refuse to go anywhere else.

1. Points Of Interest 
2. Geography and climate 
Spread over 54, 475 square miles, the climate of the entire state mostly fall under the humid continental type. In terms of weather, there is a lot of diversity too. There are the Adirondack Mountains, lakes adjoining the state, Hudson river and if thats not enough, the Atlantic ocean on the right. 
3. Districts 
New York is distributed into Northern District of New York, Eastern District of New York, Western District of New York and Southern District of New York.
4. Air Travel 
Besides John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York has several other international airports such as Albany International Airport; Buffalo Niagara International Airport; Stewart International Airport; Greater Rochester International Airport; LaGuardia Airport; Ogdensburg International Airport; Plattsburgh International Airport; Sullivan County International Airport; Syracuse Hancock International Airport; Watertown International Airport etc. 
5. Society and culture 
This is a state where more than 20% of the population are foreign-born. 15.8% of the population are African American, 14.4% are Italian, 12.9% are Irish, 11.1% are German etc. Over 40% of the people in New York are Catholics; 30% are protestants; 5% are Jews; 3.5% are Muslims; 1% are Buddhists while 13% are not affiliated to any religion.

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