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Perth Tour Guide

Travel options: Ferries, buses, trains, rail, taxis, etc

Flights: Thai Airways, Qantas,

Best time to visit: February - May

Best Hotels: Duxton Hotel, InterContinental Burswood & Saville Park Suites

Perth Overview

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Perth is an outstanding example of how nature is always more beautiful and humbling than all the architecture and man-made wonders in the world. With coastlines that go on forever, and sunshine that is always pleasant and never harsh, the city also houses a great skyline, great food, never-ending nightlife and wonderful food. Can you think of one reason for why the city should not be one of the most attractive cities in the country. 

1. Points of Interest 
  • Aquarium of Western Australia
  • Cottesloe Beach
  • Kings Park & Botanic Garden    
  • Penguin Island
  • Rockingham Dolphins
  • Rottnest Island
2. Geography and climate 
This stunning Western Australian city stands on the Swan River. The city's Mediterranean climate is legendary and is reason for why people have been drawn to this area ever since. Summer in Perth ranges from 29.7°C (85.5°F) to 30.0 °C (86.0 °F) while in winter, the temperature drops to 9.0 °C (48.2 °F) to 9.2 °C (48.6 °F).
3. Districts 
The city is divided into Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast. These further are divided into many other regions, such as Northwest is divided into Mt Hawthown, Nollamara, North Beach, Ocean Reef, Osborne Park, Quinns Rocks, Scarborough, Vietnamese Services, Wanneroo-Joondalup, Yanchep-Two Rocks and Yokine-Joondanna.
4. Air Travel 
Located 12 km from the heart of the city is Perth Airport, situated in Guildford, Western Australia. The airport is manged by the Westralia Airports Corporation. It also has a second airport called Jandakot Airport.
5. Society and culture 
More than 80% of the people here are Australians. This is followed by a 12% of British people, Kiwis, Italians, Malaysians, people from India, Netherlands and South Africa. 75% of the people are Christians while the rest constitute Jews, native Aboriginal beliefs and others.

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